About Griffin Loop

A student of life, Loop aspires to examine and consider the world on many planes and through deconstructed perspectives—and intends for his work to be a reflection of this journey. He hopes to encourage others to do the same. He humbly advocates sincere engagement when encountering his expressions. He invites onlookers and participants to disavow absolutes and preconceived limitations, and translate, interrogate and process his creations with authenticity.

The Los Angeles-based artist began his creative journey early through a Waldorf education that challenged him to embrace the world around him as a whole, and with great respect. He developed a reverence for nature and further cultivated his love of the arts. This education shaped the way in which he experienced life, and translated largely into his professional and personal works. Today, Loop’s expressions strike a harmonious balance while using a broad range of materials and methods, and ranging from site specific sculpture, furniture design and fabrication to environment/space build outs. Loops prides himself on being able to usher his projects from conception to completion with thoughtful execution.

Loop has long been captivated by the human experience, and how people engage with external stimuli in all forms. Through his expressions, he is on a quest to cause a reaction that will inspire people to live both intentionally and presently, and to question, engage, disrupt and transcend. His journeys intent is to spark truth, revelation and vision so that we all may share our best selves with the world.